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Do you have an ongoing business that needs capital in order to expand, or are you part of a startup that need investors to get going? Now you can crowdfund your business needs by reaching out to thousands of investors right here in Texas who are ready to lend money, invest in equity, or even donate funds, possibly for a reward or pre-order. Take charge of your future, finance your business, and build your dream here. We’ll be with you the entire way!


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Have you always wanted to invest in a startup or help finance local businesses - and get good returns on your money? Now, ANY Texan can invest directly in businesses with as little as $250. Just complete the Invest Your Money form, locate a Texas company that interests you and decide on what type of investment makes the most sense for you while helping them jumpstart their business.



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Raise raise capital for your business

Help create the world you want to see. Have a growing business or startup? Start a Deal. Have an idea? Find others that share your passion, start a company and then come back to Diversity Fund when you need financing!


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Invest your money in great businesses.

Help finance the world you want to see. Want to help make a difference? Fund Deals of companies right in your own backyard, or those with a mission. Want to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Invest in a company and share in their success!


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Why we're better

We're out to change the world of business finance!

Diversity Fund is a new business finance platform that unites rewards, lending, and equity finance, provides sophisticated tools for investors to evaluate each deal and company, and is fun and engaging for everyone!

Through Diversity Fund, an entirely new generation of entrepreneurs can finance their venture or expansion by immediately reaching thousands of potential investors who support their goals. Diversity Fund opens the world of business finance to entirely new sets of entrepreneurs and investors and leverages crowdfunding to even the playing field to the rest of us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of crowdfunding options are available through Diversity Fund?

Rewards. Lending. Equity. Diversity Fund allows you to raise capital 3 different ways directly from accredited and unaccredited investors on our platform.

1) Rewards - businesses may want to pre-sell a product or offer a giveaway, such as a T-shirt, for a minimal donation amount (Reward) to strengthen their brand. Businesses offer a reward in exchange for money.

2) Lending – businesses ask to borrow money from investors at the interest rate (enough to entice investors) & term (up to 5yrs) they decide to offer. Accredited investors and unaccredited investors will be able to participate in lending money to the business owner(s).

3) Equity – businesses can raise capital by selling equity (shares of ownership) to both accredited investors and unaccredited investors. Diversity Fund seeks to level the playing field for women, LGBT & minorities who are far less likely to get equity investors. This is especially true for tech type startup companies, less than 5% of startups who obtain funding/equity investors are women-led. or any combination of the three - directly from investors who access the portal.

OR Mix & Match - We have the ability to grow with you & your company’s needs. You can choose different funding options or a combo of any of the 3 or all 3 options. (We will keep your company info & correspondence with investors to prevent having to start from scratch when you get to the next level of funding needs).

  • How much capital can I raise?

Up to $1 million per year. Texas crowdfunding rules allow qualified businesses to raise as much as $1 million each year via registered crowdfunding portals (including Diversity Funds). But remember, it's always better to raise only the amount that you actually need for your business, gain investor confidence, an then return to those investors later if you need more. Amounts raised as donations or for rewards are not counted towards the $1 million limit.

  • Who can participate?

At this time, Lending and Equity deals are limited to Texas based businesses and investors only.

Businesses must be a formal legal entity in the state of Texas: formal partnership, LLC, corporation or S-Corp.

Investors must reside in the state of Texas. We welcome ALL investors, whether or not you are an "accredited" investor does not matter to us.


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Fees & Pricing

We keep things simple and straight forward, for both businesses and investors. It's free to sign up with Diversity Fund. It's even free for businesses to create and launch a Deal. Diversity Fund only charges 6% on the money raised when a deal closes. If you don't reach your goal/closing, there's no charge to the business or investor. Since investors have many payment options to choose from, we provide those that have the lowest costs.